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Uncovering Useful Answers

Expert research, using a range of methods of qualitative and quantitative research:

  • interviews – for deep, individual insight

  • surveys – usually online, to get the opinion of as many as possible

  • focus groups – in person or online, to get a balance of depth and breadth

  • desk – to see what is already known about people in or outside your organisation

  • measurement – to understand the effect of changes, and to build on recommendation

  • for each of these, tools and methods that engage participants and create the environment where they offer the greatest insight

As well as observation and insight that draws on our many years of experience, working on projects in almost all sectors.


We have dedicated survey and AI analysis partners, so that we can automate the rote, whilst maintaining human insight and interpretation.

Elle Bank, Hayfield, Derbyshire with Kinder Scout in the background
Trig point near Mellor Cross, New Mills. Kinder Low is seen in the background

Ensuring The Most Useful Answers

We work in a way that works for you:

  • Simple – we work with complex data, what we deliver is simple and clear

  • Relevant – topline findings or granular, as you need them

  • Flexible – your question and your needs are never the same as anyone else’s, we work for your needs

  • Economical – we make the most of your budget

  • Expert – we’ve got many ways to get to the most useful truth

  • Independent – we can challenge existing thinking, we can get more from your people as a third party

All of which means that:

  • We’re experienced - over 600 projects in the last 11 years, across every sector

  • We’re successful - 95% of customers have worked with us again

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