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The Biggest Interesting Question

Most frequently the question we answer is: Can you define our Employer Value Proposition?

That is, can you collate all the reasons someone should
want to work for us, in a way that is always:

  • Distinctive

  • Attractive

  • Realistic

  • Consistent


OR the constituent parts of that question:

  • “How does our EVP compare to others?”

  • “What does our target audience need and value in work?”

  • “What does our target audience think working here would be like?”

  • “How will people react to our messaging?”

  • “How can we appeal to a more diverse audience?”

  • “How do we need to adapt our EVP for different audiences?”

DARC - 4 Venn Square.png
A bright autumnal day in the Torrs, New Mils. The sun shines above the Union Road viaduct.
Balck Lane, New Mills, Derbyshire. Kinder Scout is visible in the background.

Other Interesting Questions

  • “How engaged are our employees? And why?”

  • “How effective is our internal communication?

  • “How can we define our culture?”

  • “How well do people understand and employ our values?”

  • “What do our employees think about this project?”

  • “How do different potential locations compare?”

  • “Why are candidates rejecting our offer?”

As well as:

  • “What do we need to know about this topic?”


  • “Can you make sense of this for us?


Questions that are about work, people, and people’s relationships and attitudes to their work

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