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Supporting Small Business

I help small(ish) businesses with their people problems, whether that is attracting and recruiting, or problems engaging and retaining.

Attracting and Recruiting

You might need to recruit a better quality of candidate, you might need to be able to access candidates more quickly. Either way, you may feel that you can't compete with the TA and Employer Marketing teams of bigger corporates.
I can help you define an EVP that brings better quality candidates to you, more quickly.
It can cut agency cost, or time for your recruiters, and mean you have empty chairs for less time. I'll do it by creating an EVP that shows the positive difference of working for you and addresses your audiences' needs.

Engaging and Retaining

You might want to understand where your employees are at, how well they understand priorities and each other, and how they can feel happier, more engaged, more productive and more  innovative. The big engagement survey providers offer reassuring methods, but at a price that may be beyond you, and which don't always allow employees to share their ideas.
I can help you understand levels of engagement with reliable and consistent methods, personal to your needs, which allow for true employee voice. You can be as assured of the validity of results, but more importantly that you'll understand what it means for your organisation. I'll show you what's valued, what needs to change and what would make the biggest difference to your employees.

Whether your need, you'll get a trusted, flexible, affordable partner. That means tackling your people problems faster and with more confidence.

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