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Why We Can Help

Before you start a conversation, you need to have your story straight

And that’s what we provide. Using all the information we can uncover, we’ll take it apart and put it together and make it as accessible as possible. We’ll give you your narrative.

That’s a story that flows and links all that we have discovered. It makes it easy to interpret; it makes it easy to start applying to your comms straight away.

To build that understanding - and regardless of whether we are looking employee engagement or employer brand -  we use a bespoke mix of qualitative of quantitative research. So that might be:

  • interviews – for deep, individual insight

  • surveys – usually online, to get the opinion of as many as possible

  • focus groups – in person or online, to get a balance of depth and breadth

  • desk – to see what is already known about people in or outside your organisation

  • measurement – to understand the effect of changes, and to build on recommendations


We take the most complete view and leave you with the clearest story.



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