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Why You'd Need Us

Before you start a conversation, you need to know more about who you're talking to
Our products include...

Inside your organisation – a portrait of engagement

You need to know if your employees truly “get” your organisation, if you talk the same language and if your ambitions and needs really match theirs. We don’t mean a survey, scores and benchmarks, we mean something fuller and more meaningful. So we might

  • assess the employee experience

  • review comms messages and channels

  • investigate alignment of culture, values and purpose

We’ll tell you the reason why your people are engaged – or not – and how you can increase your connection


Outside your organisation – seeing yourself in others’ eyes

You need to know what your target market thinks about you. What’s attractive, what’s a potential put-off and what they don’t know. And you need to know if what you tell them makes sense, if the message connects or if anything is missing. So we might:

  • assess your reputation with your targets

  • uncover what’s most important to the people you most want

  • have your audience appraise your employer marketing

We’ll tell you the reason why you’ve got a good offer to new people – or not – and how you can increase appeal


Inside and outside - defining and managing your brand

You need to capture and distil what makes your organisation a unique place to work, from the experiences of your employees to your purpose, strategy, culture or values. And you need to know what’s most important to add to the experience to elevate your brand further. We bring this all together to develop employer brands and brand management objectives

We’ll tell you the reason why your brand resonates – or not – and how you can continue to develop that brand


The way ahead and what you leave behind

For all of the above we don’t leave you with:

  • raw findings or unresolved problems

  • no way to understand if your actions will move the dial

We’ll give advice and recommendation on next steps; we’ll create measures that will show whether you have achieved your objectives.

We’ll give you the reason why – and the proof - that your actions will make you a stronger organisation

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