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View from Elle Bank in Hayfield

Your problems that we can solve

  • We can’t attract the right people to our organisation
    We’ll define your Employer Value Proposition so you can more confidently recruit right now and strategically improve your reputation as an employer

  • We need to improve productivity, or retention, or collaboration
    We’ll asses your Employee Engagement, so you know what employees value now, and how you can improve as an employer, so your people will give more in return

  • We want to improve connection and understanding
    We’ll audit the effectiveness of your Internal Communications, so that you know how to better reach and start conversations with your people on the issues that matter to them

All of our work is about employees’ and candidates’ attitudes to their work and employer. How they feel, and the reason why.

We can give you the answers to these problems – and many more that relate to them.


We have two current offers:

1) We'll review your employer brand through the eyes of candidate

We'll go the places they'll go to understand what working for you might be like - and look at your key competitors too.

We'll tell you where you stand out, where you fall behind and where you can improve.

2) We'll review your existing insights to define your areas of strength
We'll look at any data and listening that you already have, and draw together an holistic picture of your strengths as an employer, where you may be missing evidence, or not delivering for candidates.


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