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Defining your Employer Value Proposition

The research challenge we most often answer is: Can you define our Employer Value Proposition?

That is, can you collate all the reasons someone should
want to work for us, in a way that is always:

  • Distinctive

  • Attractive

  • Realistic

  • Consistent


OR the constituent parts of that question:

  • “How does our EVP compare to others?”

  • “What does our target audience need and value in work?”

  • “What does our target audience think working here would be like?”

  • “How will people react to our messaging?”

  • “How can we appeal to a more diverse audience?”

  • “How do we need to adapt our EVP for different audiences?”

A four-set Venn diagram, showing the ideal EVP to be Distinctive, Attractive, Realistic, Consistent
A bright autumnal day in the Torrs, New Mils. The sun shines above the Union Road viaduct.

EVP Definition:
How we find what's Distinctive, Attractive, Realistic and Consistent

It’s harder and harder to attract the right people and skills to your organisation. So, more and more organisations are defining and promoting their employer value proposition to give them a clear position in the market, and set them apart from their competitors for talent.

But many don’t differentiate; their efforts end up being samey. They’re detached from the consumer brand, the mission or the values of the organisation. And they say little about the real experiences of the people that work there.

Instead of… A disconnected brand.
We’ll ensure…your EVP is congruent with your overall brand


Instead of… Lack of true insight.
We’ll ensure…you show what is most meaningful to your people


Instead of… Lack of relevance.
We’ll ensure…you talk in the terms that your target audience responds to


Instead of… A boring brand.
We’ll ensure… you avoid cliché, fluff and sameness

What we'll do

Every employer is different in existing insight and issues they face – so the programme is different for everyone.
Our conversations are likely to include, stakeholder involvement, review of existing material, focus groups, interviews, and survey.

What we will uncover

•how strategy, vision, values and culture influence your employer brand

•what’s truly different about working for you

•what your candidates think about you; what they do and don’t know

•the language and terms that are unique to your organisation

What it might cost

As an example prices, for our planning, listening, reporting, by size of organisation
Up to 250 people: £2,000 - £3,000

Up to 1,000 people: c£4,000

Up to 2,500 people: c£6,000

What you'll get:

Your EVP in summary:
A statement and brand model demonstrating uniqueness

Your EVP in long-form:

A structured narrative that brings together your points of difference

Your evidence pool:
The sources, data and sentiment to draw on to prove difference

Your audience priorities:
Demonstrating what should be emphasised for different segments

CASE STUDY: Active Care Group

"It's not what I expected ... but I recognise our organisation in it. It feels balanced, it's the reality, it's honest"
"There's so much positive messaging in this"
"This IS what our people say"
"There's some lovely language, it picks up on the small things we do too"

Active Care Group wanted to develop their Employer Value Proposition.

Care is a hard sector in which to recruit and retain staff. Society hugely values the work carers do. It is hard, demanding, relentless, and important, yet often less well-paid than more menial roles.

So, ACG wanted to give people the real insight into their organisation, and strong reasons why people should consider them, and then commit to them.

It wasn’t the most straightforward project – this is a busy organisation. They had to work this in amongst other priorities, and that meant the work took longer than it might, and it meant we didn’t get to speak to as many, or as varied groups of, people as we would have liked.

That made good research design even more important, and methods – like chat rooms rather than video groups – to ensure we got the most from every piece of listening.

We listened hard to every insight we got, we drew on previous experiences within and without the sector, and we added a testing phase to enable us to move more quickly to final delivery.

That all got us to a brand model, pillars and a narrative – to which we received the above comments.

ACG Brand Narrative.JPG

And it’s not just some abstract strapline. It’s clear direction on messaging to candidates about what it's like to be here, what you can gain, the reason why you should (and shouldn't) consider this job – all linked to the behaviours that ACG expect from every employee.

That proposition is now being developed by ACG’s creative agency. We can’t wait to see what this looks like when it goes live.

ACG Brand 1.JPG

What should you invest in defining your EVP? And why?

Let’s not beat around the bush – creating an EVP is going to cost time and money.

It’s going to need the involvement of your staff, potentially quite a lot of them.

So, you’ll want to know that investment is worth it, that the outputs improve your ability to attract, hire, engage and retain the best people for your organisation.

You’ve got four choices:

  • Continue as you are

  • Do it yourself

  • Bring in a pro

  • Go large

If you continue as you are, you’ll get the same results. If it’s tough to recruit, if you don’t get the right people coming through, if you’re not finding a good cultural fit when people start, then it’ll remain so.

So, let’s look at your other options:

Do It Yourself - A Functional EVP




A good chunk – and seeing as it’s probably your first rodeo, it’s going to take longer


As much or as little as you like – but given that you haven’t done this often you’ll probably involve more people to ensure belt and braces.


One of the hardest things to do for yourself is ensure objectivity: “You can’t read the label if you’re in the jar”.
There’s a risk that you won’t get to the most distinctive, attractive, realistic or consistent expression of who you are.

Bring in a Pro - An Expertly Researched EVP


But it might not be as much as you think.
For an organisation of up to £250 people, prices start from £2000.


As the price suggests, we’re not spending weeks with you, and neither are we keeping you waiting for weeks either.


There’s no reason why you can’t activate your new EVP within a few weeks


Again, as much or as little as you like. The more people we can speak to the more robust the findings will be. But that’s not always easy, or necessary.
You’ll already have a lot of the insights and data we may need, we’ll work that hard!


We’ve created EVPs for dozens of organisations – giving them the evidenced narrative and language that they can immediately take to their target audiences.
They can begin improving their employer marketing the next day.

Go Large - An Expertly Researched and Segmented EVP


You’re going to take this option if you’re bigger or more complex as an organisation. That means that there are more facets to understand, and that naturally means more cost.


It's going to take longer to understand all the different sides of you, but we can still move rapidly.

It may take more than a month, but there’s no reason we can’t get to a great place in 2-3 months.


It's likely we’ll need to hear directly from many people to understand all of the nuances that apply in different roles or territories or functions.

We’ll work with you to find the right balance of investment of time vs value of the outputs.


As well as the evidenced narrative for the entire organisation, we can also show how to best communicate with all of your segments too. And we can show ways to activate and continually evidence your brand too.
It's the foundation of a complete
employer marketing plan.

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