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Coaching and Mentoring for Employee Listening

You want to listen to your employees, perhaps to improve employee engagement, perhaps to develop your EVP, perhaps to improve communication, perhaps to stimulate ideas for innovation.

You’ve got at least some of the time to do it, and you absolutely have the drive to do it, so you don’t need a consultant or an agency to do it for you.

What you don’t have is the experience of doing this before.


I help business and HR leaders tap into the sentiment and ideas of their workforce, without missing anything or making missteps.


You get the benefit of immersing yourself, and building your own experience, guided by a trusted expert. Here’s how it works:

1)      First up, we’ll have a chat – free and with no obligation. I'll offer plenty of advice, share my experiences, and we can explore too if you think I may be able to help you.

2)      If you think I maybe can help, I’ll then create you a proposal that will include: Scoping the project / Deciding methods / Conducting research / Analysing your findings / Creating an action and measurement plan - as well as advice on landing and communicating your project.

3)      You decide the amount of support you need at each stage. It might be that throughout, I’m just a guiding hand. My level of involvement might be greater for specific stages. Your needs might change as we go along.
However it works, you’ll always have a central role so that you’re immersed in the findings, are building valuable experience and can truly own the outcomes.

4)      If you think that proposal meets your needs, we’ll get started.

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