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Employer Brand Managers

You’re busy activating your employer brand, in all the right places for your audiences to find you, and discover more about you.

I help specialists like you activate your employer brand better, without having to wait for when you have capacity, by delivering better insights to improve your messaging.

  • It might be that you don’t have an EVP yet – and you’d like to formalise it to bring structure to your work.

  • Or your EVP may exist, but be old, or not as comprehensive as you’d like, so you’re looking to strengthen it

  • You may not understand how unique your offer is in the market, and you’d like an objective view of you compare to the competition

  • You might need greater insight on what motivates your target audiences, so you can better match your offer to their needs

  • You might not have a good sense of how your target audience perceives you as an employer, and need to find out more so you can address misconceptions and fill in knowledge gaps

I offer a free 30-minute, no obligation chat  to explore your challenges and where I can offer advice on next steps

I have a free guide on how you can develop your EVP in an agile way

I have two special offers currently:

1) I'll review your employer brand through the eyes of candidate

I'll go the places they'd go to understand what working for you might be like and look at your key competitors too. I'll tell you where you stand out, where you fall behind and where you can improve.

2) I'll review your existing insights to define your areas of strength
I'll look at any data and listening that you already have, and draw together an holistic picture of your strengths as an employer, where you may be missing evidence, or not delivering for candidates.


And either of these is available for just £750.

Or simply contact me in any of these ways.

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