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Engagement  Insight - In words and actions, not numbers

We truly believe in the power of the having the most, highly-engaged employees.

We don’t believe in annual engagement surveys that don’t tell you:

  • why your employees think how they do

  • what to do next

We absolutely do believe in human interactions.

Your people have the best insight into improving both their experience and your organisation, and we want to help unlock that.

Instead of…Lack of Voice
We will… Give your employees a true, open, uninhibited say

Instead of…Reliance on benchmarks
We will … Help you be the best you can, not just better than average

Instead of…Measuring the wrong thing
We will … Measure if you become a more effective organisation

What we'll do

Every employer is different in priorities, culture, existing listening – so the exact programme will look different for everyone. But our conversations are likely to include a review of existing material, focus groups, interviews ... as well as a survey.

What we will uncover

We will design a programme of conversations to let your people express

  • what’s important to them now and what they most value

  • what would leave them feeling more positive and engaged

  • what would create the greatest intent to innovate and improve

What it might cost

As an example prices, for our planning, listening, reporting, by size of organisation
Up to 250 people: £2,000 - £4

Up to 1,000 people: c£6,000

Up to 2,500 people: c£8,000

What you'll get:

What matters?
A clear portrait of what is most important to your employees

What now?

An action plan of how to improve employee engageme

What next?
A plan to continue
listening or a handover
to you

So what?
The most important measures to see the effects of action

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