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# 5 Bold Reasons to Ditch Research in Employee Communications

1. Intuitive Insight: Forget research! You're already an empathetic mind-reader, tuned in to your audience's every career desire, what they know now, and what’s missing.

2. Motivation Mastery: No need for studies. You're the inspiration maestro, knowing exactly what tunes will make your audience dance to your communication tune.

3. Demographic Jedi: Who needs data? You've mastered the art of demographic navigation, effortlessly adjusting your message for diverse attitudes without breaking a sweat.

4. Objection Overlord: Skip the stats. You've got objection-crushing superpowers, foreseeing and dismantling doubts before they even emerge.

5. The Why Whisperer: Move over, research! You're the guru, unravelling the intricate tapestry of experiences, preconceptions and prejudices that shape perceptions.

However much you know, whether you wish to attract or engage, there’s always a need for more listening, before you start speaking.

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