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Can you reverse engineer your EVP?

When you review an employer’s brand presence, you should be able to reverse engineer their EVP. Even as a casual observer (like, say, a job-seeker!), you should be able to get a good sense of what they employer is all about.

But that’s not my experience.

In my experience, they tend to get bogged down. It might be about specifics of the job. It might be that they have a wonderful claim for a particular type of social responsibility. They might have a differentiated way of working hybrid, or a highly personalised benefits package. It’s all good, but it becomes a bit one-dimensional.

I rarely get the full narrative: We exist to do this, so we need you to do these things, in this culture, with these people and resources, we’ll show our appreciation in all of these ways, and reduce our impact like this.

Review your employer brand presence. As soon as there’s a gap, then doubts creep in.


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