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Employer Value Proposition - your tool for better attraction

If you need to attract candidates better, I can help.

I'll design a program of listening that identifies:

·        What's great about working here

·        (And also what's not so good. Yet. Growth mindset and all that)

·        What your target audience wants

·        What your competitors are saying

I’ll then produce an employee value proposition that is:

·        Distinctive

·        Attractive

·        Realistic

·        Consistent

And which works for every different part of your organisation, whether that’s by function or territory, or something else.

You'll get a brand narrative that enables you to tell your unique stories, in your own language, that’ll project your overall brand and your culture.

You'll receive advice on where and how to deliver those messages - and how you can become an even better employer for the future.

You benefit from my knowledge of all the other employers and sectors I've worked with (lots/most, respectively).

You'll find it easy to work with me. And wherever possible, it'll even be fun.

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