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EVP: The main thing remains the main thing.

If you’ve created your EVP well, it’ll need to reflect your organisational brand, your culture and purpose.

It’s likely too you have a brand model with different “pillars” supporting it. You may already know that those pillars may have more relevance or appeal to different people.

You may wish to amplify your messaging around certain pillars – even to focus on one to the near-exclusion of the others – for people in different functions or territories. (For instance, the stability of the role may trump all else for volume roles.)

It may even be that you have a pillar that is only relevant or needed for a certain group of people i.e. an established UK company that is now expanding into another region – there may be an educative pillar to complement the heritage and capabilities.

You then might want to add sophistication to communications by considering personas – segmenting your audiences according to demographics or by their motivations and needs (or a combination).

And then what once looked simple now ….doesn’t.

So how do we keep our EVP focused, rather than a random collection of hyper-focused activities? Keep going back to your EVP.

Apply all of the insight that you have of yourselves, target your audience’s needs. And then step back. Hold it against your EVP and say “does THIS still tell me THAT?”

And if not, refine.

That’s the power of an EVP, and also a continual test. If you struggle to say THAT on a regular basis, then your EVP needs a review.

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