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It’s the light in the eyes, that’s why I love what I do.

Let’s take a discovery interview, if I ask “why do you work here?”, I know we’re going to cover the non-negotiables: the pay, location, the actual tasks in the first 30 seconds. Got that, understood.

But I’m looking for more, and I’m – perhaps for the first time in a long time – giving people permission and space to expand.

That’s the moment I love. When people start to range into what inspires them, makes them feel good, means they interact with like-minded people, allows them to help others. That’s when I see the light.

Everything thing I do – be it employer brand, engagement, internal comms – is about capturing the rational, but then supercharging the emotional.

Because, the rational may need to be there, but it’s the emotional that inspires, that creates commitment, that means people feel real warmth for where they work.

Whether you’re talking to people within or without your company, I’ll neatly and studiously document all of the good (and all the not-so). And then I’ll take a fat Sharpie and underline those parts that make people come alive.

I want to make sure your creative, and your comms, and your strategy is all about putting more light in more eyes.

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