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Understanding Engagenment - Your tool for better retention

If you need to understand how engaged your employees are, and how to build that engagement, I can help.

I'll design a program of listening – not just a survey! – that identifies:

·        what’s important to your people now and what they most value

·        what would leave them feeling more positive and engaged

·        what would create the greatest intent to innovate and improve

I don’t believe that leaders – or consultants for that matter – have all the answers to engagement. I don’t think you can take a dipstick survey, see what the issues are and how to solve them.

I do believe that your employees hold almost all of the answers. They just need a forum to express them and explore them together.

Based around the 12 factors that enable engagement:

·        Appreciation of contributions made and expertise shown

·        Clear expectations so that everyone knows how they contribute

·        Colleagues that are like-minded, supportive, friendly and capable

·        Developing new skills through challenges, training and chances to move on

·        Doing the right thing for colleagues, customers and the community

·        Environment, tools and processes that allow people to work at their best

·        Flexibility for where and when the job is done, and support for work-life balance

·        Freedom to use initiative, be creative and input into decisions

·        Interesting and stimulating work, with control over how it is performed

·        Leadership that is clear, trustworthy and inspiring

·        Line management that supports, respects and encourages people

·        Reputation, stability and pride in the business

You’ll get a brief or report, or whatever works best for you, detailing:

·        What’s uniquely you, works for you and is to be celebrated and extended

·        What’s working against you and stops people from fulling committing, advocating and performing

·        What you can do to close the gaps, based on your own employee’s feedback and graded by speed, cost and level of effectiveness

You’ll benefit from my knowledge of all the other employers (loads) and sectors (loads) I've worked with.

My promise to you is that it’ll be easy and valuable to work with me.

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