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What's the real cost of creating your EVP?

Thinking about developing your own EVP?

Here are some of the pros and cons.

💰 Cost: None! (But then, we could do our own hairdressing as well, we tend to opt for a professional)

⏳ Time: A good chunk. Seeing as it’s probably your first rodeo, a lot of that time is going to be spent becoming a subject matter expert. It’s fabulous CPD, you just might not have that time.

👂Other Staff Involvement: You will need lots of views, and how much is in your gift. Given that you haven’t done this often/at all, you’ll need to involve more people to ensure you’re truly reflecting how people feel.

🎯 Usefulness: Objectivity is the GPS of EVP creation. If you go DIY, you're navigating without it, and that can lead to many dead-ends.

I heard a great phrase yesterday: It's like reading a label from inside the jar. There’s a real risk that you won’t get to the most distinctive, attractive, realistic or consistent expression of who you are.

What have I missed? What else is stopping or enabling people from creating their own EVPs?

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