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Why bring in an outsider to audit your internal communications?

Auditing your internal communications? An external eye comes at a cost, and you’re the expert, so do you really need them?

A consultant will have a detached and neutral view, and more experience with more organisations. You’ll get unbiased, experienced advice. And it’s likely you’re already busy – can you turn off the BAU for a birdseye view?

So, your considerations are:

💰 COST: Some! But quite possibly, not as much as you think.

(For an organisation of up to 250 people, our prices start from £2000.)

Of course, you need to evaluate the value that offers to you.

⏳ TIME: An expert will specialise in gathering insight at pace. You can expect your plan for improved comms to be ready to action in just a few weeks. How quickly could you work through this?

👨‍🦰 👨‍🦱👧 OTHER STAFF TIME: Again, as much or as little as you like. The more views, the more robust the recommendations – but getting people involved can be hard. You will have already a lot of insights and data, an expert will be itching to make full use of that.

🎯 EFFECTIVENESS: With their experience and expertise, your demand should be recommendations that enable you to cut through, inform, engage and enlighten your people, and allow your organisation to run more smoothly and effectively. You should get meaningful measures too; ways to show how your comms affects actions and performance.

A consultant isn’t for everyone. And for many the value is in in gaining this feedback for themselves (even when that means being criticised to their face!)

What other pros or cons have I missed?

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