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Assessing Communication - Your Tool for Better Performance

If you need to understand how effective your communication is, I can help.

If communication isn't effective in an organisation, then - by definition - the organisation isn't effective.

I'll design a program of listening that identifies if there are effective flows of information and if people know:

·        what we're all aiming for

·        what that means we need to do each day

·        how we can bring everyone together to make that happen, and

·        how we can share more of the things that matter to us – business-focussed or not

For all of these types of messages, I’ll be looking to understand:

·        If people receive these messages

·        And if so, do they understand them

·        And if so, do they believe in them

·        And if so, do they go on to act on them?

·        And ultimately, does that produce the organisational effects you’d like them to?

And I’ll also look at channels; what works best, for what kind of messages, and for what kind of people. I'll leave you with a full understanding of what to continue, what to stop and what to add.

You’ll benefit from my knowledge of all the other employers and sectors I've worked with, and their communications and closely-associated challenges.

I work really hard to make working with me easy. I work really hard to get you the greatest value.

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