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Does your EVP *really* need a refresh?

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I'd always urge you to be as cautious of those that say you need to regularly refresh your EVP as those that say the process of definition needs to be long and expensive, or the outputs complex.

There seems to be a body of thought that suggests that simply to be relevant, you need to regularly review your EVP.

I'd disagree. 

Yes, it's a volatile world, and a volatile recruitment market. Yes, post-everything, often how we think about work, and what we want from it has changed.

But unless your organisation does something fundamentally different, or the employee experience has changed radically, then your EVP should be sound.

Some of your desk-based staff being in the office a bit less doesn't mean you need to start again. 

Your EVP is a narrative that spells out the perception of your organisation, as an employer, that you want to influence people towards. So, your employer branding efforts should be evidenced stories that bring people closer to that perception. There's always room for new stories that reflect changing realities.

If your EVP isn't helping you to succeed, then you're not activating it - effectively sharing those stories - well enough. Or you just don't have an attractive enough offer. An EVP refresh won't help there.

Where your EVP could use some examination is if it limits the stories you can tell.

If it's too narrow in scope, if it doesn't encompass your purpose, values, culture, strategy, benefits, development, recognition, empowerment etc etc

Then, there's an opportunity to look again at the entirety of the perception that you can bring people towards. And that's a valuable exercise.

Agree? Always up for healthy debate...

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