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If your EVP is a narrative, then what kind of structure is it going to have?

Funnily enough, very often that of a narrative.

·        Exposition – this is who we are, what we do and how we do it

·        Challenge – which is great, but we’re also having trouble innovating, growing, becoming more diverse etc

·        Climax – why is why we need you and your skills, experience, attitude etc

·        Resolution – and this is how you’ll feel and be rewarded for bringing those to us, and helping us do what we do and how we do it better.

There’s a natural flow, and circularity to the narrative.

You can present it in funky ways, you can pull apart some elements of this and reconnect them in a different order

But fundamentally, you need to tell a version of this tale, or you’re not telling the whole story.

Or am I missing something critical?

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